Healy Pass (Kerry)

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Roads to drive

Healy Pass (Kerry)

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Framed Pictures


    •    Prominent, natural look

    •    Frame made of solid wood

    •    Available in 2 colours.



Your photo is first exposed on Fujicolour's highest quality photo paper for gallery prints: guaranteed brilliant colours for 75 years. 

It is then applied to a solid aluminium backing and sealed with permanently elastic silicon under the polished premium acrylic glass by the brand manufacturer - free from rips and bubbles. The 2 mm thick acrylic glass provides natural UV protection and a deep, radiant look. It is lighter and more shatter-proof than conventional glass.


Frameless Prints

Paper Type: LightJet print on Fuji Flex high gloss

    •    High resolution details on true silver halide paper

    •    Rich, luxurious colours that are true to the source – for 100 years

    •    A warm base tone for expressive depth and vibrancy

The LightJet photo print on Fuji Flex high gloss makes its mark through an ultra-smooth surface that ensures highly glossy and pin-sharp photo prints. Its warm base tone gives your photographs expressive depth and vibrancy. Your print will shine in brilliant, luxurious colour for at least 100 years.

Frameless Prints.

Paper Type: LightJet print on baryta.

    •    One of a kind: classic baryta paper, laser-exposure

    •    First class black-and-white photo paper

    •    For deep contrasts: brilliant white and rich black

Black-and-white photographs on baryta paper are the cream of the crop when it comes to printing techniques for black-and-white photography.  The classic baryta paper is treated using a high-tech laser exposure system, resulting in a unique image quality at a top-rated level.

With brilliant white and deep black tones, topnotch art photographs on baryta have an inimitable aura. Baryta is among the most enduring photo papers in the world. The luminous white and rich black give your favourite moments an inimitable tonal range. Give it a personal accent with a white border, high-end frame, passe-partout, or a frame with glass.

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