The Little Museum of Dublin

I truly enjoyed the tour - lasts approximately 30 min - the tour guide was Irish, well versed in history and added a bit of comedy to every other historical fact, it is difficult to joke about certain aspects of Irish History when confronted with an audience quite diverse - Spanish, Greeks, Irish, Danish - and be successful at that. 

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Dublin has become an international hipster spotlight, coffee shops popping up with a minimalist and vegan menu, beards, laughs, crafty beer, pizza in every place. I'm not complaining, I will actually visit those places in a regular basis, but c'mon Ireland, sometimes I think I'm downtown in San Francisco, specially in days like today, where the sun is shinning and everybody is happy to be outside.

Part of growing up is not waiting in line at a hipster breakfast restaurant. The eggs taste the same across the street. I promise.
— Jason Segel

"It's not even cold" Memories of Hipsterland Series. Dublin, Ireland, 2015

"Memories of Hipsterland - I" Series. Dublin, Ireland, 2015

"I was hipster before the word even existed" Memories of Hipsterland Series. Dublin, Ireland, 2015

"Memories of Hipsterland - II" Series. Dublin, Ireland, 2015

"Memories of Hipsterland - III" Series. Dublin, Ireland, 2015

There is a message on your wall

There are walls in this city that could tell you a stupid story. Street art is just one side of the story, if you flip the coin there will be words, history and personal stories written and scratched on the back end of your neighbourhood. 

Humans want to leave a mark, a legacy, whether this is made on the back of the door of a toilet in any pub, writing a book, taking photographs or painting a wall is what make us people, the diversity and the will to communicate even when this may be completely irrelevant to the audience. 

Below is a set compiled in April 2015, would love to know which one is your favourite. 

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Amor - Colors

Amor & Lights

Remember that

Except my uncle

The Irony

Obsessed with "House of Cards"

I was walking the other day in Phoenix Park, Dublin and while doing so I noticed this "small house" in the horizon with an American flag flapping in the air. It is known as the Deer's House aka American Ambassador's house.

While I was focusing my camera to take a minimal landscape I noticed the cross on the right hand side. I couldn't help it and I framed both subjects in the shot. Influence of House of Cards? If so, thank you.