What is Humans of Aarhus?

Humans of Aarhus is an ethnographic and documentary photography project that was inspired  by Humans of New York and other similar projects that have started since then. My personal goal for this long term project is to be able to get to represent the diversity of the habitants of the city of Aarhus as well as to document the danish customs, traditions and the habits of the Aarhusians. 

How is this going to work?

There are two main actors on this project, the city of Aarhus and its inhabitants. The main part of the project will be directly connected to the people that I meet directly or by chance and spend some time trying to understand their background, their stories, their goals and dreams.

In the background I’m trying to represent what Aarhus means in a global and local context and how this city is transforming itself to grow from 320.000 thousand people to 500000 people on the years to come, with the pros and cons of such an incredible growth. 


Why am I doing this?

Three reasons:

  • I love photography and having a long term project gives me the opportunity to practice this discipline more often with a goal in mind. 
  • I love meeting new people and asking questions.
  • I love Aarhus, I think this city has enormous potential to be an incredible cultural and start up hub. 

If you like what you see, if you fancy this project, if you want your story to be part of Humans of Aarhus, reach out, don’t be shy, I would be happy to meet and talk and get to know more about you!