I was born and raised in Aarhus. I've never lived outside this city. What i like about Aarhus the most is probably the fact that the town is surrounded by nature, woods, beaches and lakes - its amazing, I love specially the nature surrounding Lake Brabrand). Some people say, that the buildings of Aarhus are boring - but I think that one the charming things about Aarhus is that it still has its old historical buildings. The centre of Aarhus is absolutely amazing and always full of life (even during the winter when is minus 5 degrees!). Diversity is also a big plus in Aarhus.

If i could improve something in Aarhus it would be the house prices. It is difficult to find a house for a reasonable price. I guess that means that Aarhus is desirable.

Next summer I want to finish my final and then I would love to start my next education - a diploma gratuate in management. If i had all the means and resources in the world, I would help "hus forbi" in Aarhus. They do an incredible work with homeless people. I would expand Letbanen so more people could use it. On a more selfish note I would buy a ship, and with the right resources, I would sail around the world and see all the amazing places that are there to see!