Martin Richter

Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m originally from Aarhus, more specifically from Risskov but I lived in many different places in town.

I’m a father of three (they are 9, 7 and 1 year old respectively) and I’m not planning to have more kids, I wouldn’t mind really, if I had enough money but at the moment, is not an option.


For me it is important to have time to spend with your children and make time for your family. My wife and I work very hard to ensure we have quality time with our children, to give you an example, during our holidays, we are not really social, we don’t really meet with anybody else during the holiday time, it is all about the family, staying together and celebrating family values.

In terms of my job, to me, it doesn’t really matter what I do as long as I’m happy doing the job. I really enjoy putting things in motion, start new things. I have been working in retail for about 20 years, looking back, I don’t have any regrets, however, everybody every now and then ask themselves “What if?, What if I had gone to that interview? Where would I be now if I had talked to that person?” I find myself every 5 years or so doing something completely different and I’m still alive. I don’t know what I’m going to do next year but I know it will be something that I feel passionate about.

What do you like the most about Aarhus?

There was a slogan a few years ago, “Aarhus, the world’s smallest big city”. I think that is what is good about Aarhus. You can find everything in the city within reach. The development that has been going in Aarhus over the past few years has been tremendous. All these new coffee shops, museums, cultural places, Dokk1. It has transformed the city.

Also the international vibe has grown so much, for good really. There is plenty of internationals in Aarhus and that’s a great thing.

What would you improve in Aarhus?

The traffic. No doubt about it. It needs some more planning and fixing. To give you an example, if you take the road coming down through the forest and you go through the new part of the city, by the harbour, you only have two roads, one on each direction, it is going to be a bottleneck and it is only to get worst! makes no sense really.

What was the most exciting thing that you have done over the past few years?

Two things. Having my youngest kid (Frederik, he is just one year old now) with such a gap between siblings, but I’m delighted and it is great to be able to have a newborn to care for.

Last year I joined Innovation & Entrepreneurship to be able to do new stuff. Going back to study when you are my age is not easy. I told my boss at the time that I was coming back to school and he accepted that, obviously he wanted to keep me but quitting my job was intimidating. Getting SU as a limited source of income with 3 kids... it is scary. But we did save money for that purpose for a while so we could keep going.

If you had all the means in the world, all the power in the world, all the resources in the world. What would you do?

I will try as much as possible to help people to make their lives easier, whether it is to help somebody to research some rare disease or to help somebody to get financial stability. I would also try to put a solution to those problems that are still ongoing since the times where I was a kid. I’m talking about Palestine and Israel, I’m talking about poverty, I mean extreme poverty, we have enough resources to put that to an end.

And on a more selfish note, I have a long list of cars that I would buy (laughs)