"I am from Sliven, Bulgaria. I came to Aarhus, because I wanted to start my life again and find what I really want to do and how I can contribute to make our society better. There are many things that I like about Aarhus, but the first two which are coming in my mind are: It is a peaceful and a beautiful place and its people is very respectful!

One thing I would like to improve and I will start working on it is to run more events connected to two of my passions, which are personal development and Networking. I want to have a diverse audience that includes both the international and the local community. In the next two years I want to focus on two main things: Develop my brand as an Empowerment Keynote Coach and speaker as well as to create value by helping the twenty somethings to realize their potential, so they start taking more responsibility for their life. One of my projects to achieve these goals is to start publishing my podcast!"