Daniela is the founder of "My Danish Family". Philip Morley introduced us recently as she was looking for a photographer to partner with and I was looking for an exceptional individual to interview for the next Humans of Aarhus. Today I can say I am delighted to be a part of My Danish Family at the same time I’m glad to feature her interview in Humans of Aarhus.

Humans of Aarhus (HOA): Where are you from?

I’m from Bogotá, Colombia. I was born and raised there, all my family is Colombian and I can really say I’m the Bogotan-type of girl.

HOA: What brought you to Aarhus?

I’m a journalist and after deciding to continue with my education in this field I moved to Aarhus in 2013 to pursue a Master degree in Journalism of War and Conflict. As an Erasmus Mundus program, my studies required me to study the first year in Aarhus, Denmark and the second in Swansea, Wales. However, an unexpected love story in the first location changed my plans drastically. A Dane crossed my way and not later after we began our own multicultural family.  Aarhus has been now my home for the last 4 years.

HOA: What do you like the most about Aarhus?

I have seen Aarhus with three very different perspectives. The first one was as a student. The vibrant and young atmosphere captivated me since the very first moment I step in this city. This made me enjoy the unique vibe Aarhus offers to the young population every single day.
Not long after I became a wife and mom, situation that enabled me to face a whole new setting of this city and culture. I quickly realized this is perhaps one of the best corners in the world to start, grow and nurture your family. The endless resources available for families makes it an exceptional place to be.
Lastly and as a working adult I was captivated by the labor environment in this country, which is characterized by the flat hierarchy structures in the working places. Additionally, I was impressed about the amount of assistance there is for you to become an entrepreneur.

HOA: What is your occupation nowadays?

I left behind my carrier as a journalist and for a while I focused on working in the communications field in a Danish company. However after thorough thoughts and a lot of courage I decided to become an entrepreneur. In early 2017 I founded My Danish Family, which is an encompassing community for families living in Denmark and specifially in the region of Aarhus. I began this project as I wished to share all my learnings and experiences about being a mom here, how it is to raise a multicultural family abroad and basically what you must know in order to enjoy every single day in Denmark.

HOA: What would you improve in Aarhus?

I can say I don’t have many complaints about this city, however in more general terms I think the immigration issues the country faces is without a doubt a situation where there is still a lot of room for improvement. Denmark works incredibly well in every other single aspect such as labor, economy, transparency and more, however in terms of immigration policies it seems that there is still a big struggle affecting all internationals wanting to settle here permanently. Nonetheless, I consider important to highlight that the city of Aarhus has made a tremendous effort to promote and strengthen its internationalization policies. Strategies that are in many ways admirable considering the national scene. Yet, for these to take place there is a need to create more common spaces where the Danish and the international community merge and start working hand by hand.

HOA: What do you plan to do in the future?

(Laughs) That’s a tricky question, considering how unpredictable years I’ve had recently! However, I will be having my second child soon so I can foresee that I will dedicate a big percentage of my time to be a mom, while leaving the rest to continue working in my company. I want to continue strengthening and expanding My Danish Family’s community at the time I build up on the soft-landing services I offer for internationals to settle smoothly in Denmark.  I want to continue focusing in working towards creating strategies that allow the new comers to find their right places with the right resources to stablish a life in Denmark as soon and as easy as possible. I’ve had an amazing time in Aarhus and I believe this can be a wonderful country to live in when having the appropriate resources at hand, hence I just want assist others to walk this same path if possible.

Other than I feel it’s risky to say at the time.  Four years ago, I never imagined I was going to travel to Denmark, study, marry a foreign man, become the mother of two multicultural children and start a company in the beautiful city of Aarhus. Today that is my reality, so many other great things can happen in the years ahead, I just leave the path ready for them to come along.  

HOA: If you had all the resources, means and power in the world, what would you do?

I would love to come back to my country to work with the most vulnerable communities and assist the children victims of the violent conflict Colombia endured for decades. I would put all my efforts to contribute in the post conflict era there is ahead for my country and assure the younger generations all the opportunities needed to succeed in the future. All of this focusing on providing their families stability and secureness in all the areas of everyone’s lives.