Barcelona for the tourist by the tourist

I'm from Madrid but I always loved Barcelona, specially since I watched "All about my mother" directed by Almodovar.

I went to Barcelona the 9th September this year, also known as "Diada" or National day of Catalonia, it has a profound meaning in the people of Catalonia as they commemorate the defeat against the Spanish Bourbon Kings in the 18th Century.

The city was vibrant, there was a demonstration for the right to vote and decide their future. 

The political changes that Barcelona has been exposed to, the polarisation that the people of Catalonia has been forced to live over the past few years have transformed the city.

The tourism industry has shaped a city to serve the foreigners with any kind of entertainment but as I see these changes, I believe those have been counterproductive for a city that is starting to move away from the forces of capitalism in order to serve its citizens. 

This set, has nothing to do with that, however it is influenced by the environment in where I landed in September 2015.