Notes about Las Vegas

Notes about Las Vegas.

1. It is too dry.
2. It is too hot.
3. It is too cold.
4. It is too expensive.
5. It is built over attrezzo by attrezzo, for attrezzo. 
6, It is a trap if you are a gambler.
7. It is also a trap if you are not a gambler.
8. I saw a latino Elvis in an electrical scooter in the middle of the Strip "singing" love me tender. There goes a myth. 
9. Hotels put new towels every day. Long live eco policies.
10. It is a city built to sale anything and everything.
11. Women are constantly objectified.
12. Men are constantly objectified (less so than women but they are).
13. Customer Service is outstanding and hotels are unreal. 
14. The mountains overseeing the city are worth a visit, pity I didn't have the time to visit.
15. Grand Canyon tours are widely available. Pity I didn't have the time to visit.
16. Casinos are labyrinths.
17. Bellagio fountain is cool. I wonder how the hell they pull such amount of water in a show in the middle of the desert, every 30 minutes. 24/7. Long live eco policies.
18. There is always music somewhere. There is always a party and the scale of the party is always beyond what you can expect. 
19. If you are tired of sitting and gambling, you get a massage and a drink, so you can spend more dollars.
20. There is always a show, whether is a street show or a proper show.

PS: I really had fun. By Odin and Valhalla, I really miss home, my bed and the people that I love. Over and out.

Barcelona for the tourist by the tourist

I'm from Madrid but I always loved Barcelona, specially since I watched "All about my mother" directed by Almodovar.

I went to Barcelona the 9th September this year, also known as "Diada" or National day of Catalonia, it has a profound meaning in the people of Catalonia as they commemorate the defeat against the Spanish Bourbon Kings in the 18th Century.

The city was vibrant, there was a demonstration for the right to vote and decide their future. 

The political changes that Barcelona has been exposed to, the polarisation that the people of Catalonia has been forced to live over the past few years have transformed the city.

The tourism industry has shaped a city to serve the foreigners with any kind of entertainment but as I see these changes, I believe those have been counterproductive for a city that is starting to move away from the forces of capitalism in order to serve its citizens. 

This set, has nothing to do with that, however it is influenced by the environment in where I landed in September 2015.

No more fear

Back in 2014, I was inmersed in one of my photowalks exploring Rijeka when I saw two young ladies in their mid 20's seating on a bench, looking back as if they were afraid of who would be watching, almost suspiciously as if they were hiding something.

At first, they didn't see me, and as I continued to walk they kissed each other for a few seconds, and gave each other a hug.

Suddenly they got back to a normal friendship behaviour, as they overheard my steps while I was walking on their direction, as if there was any shame on their actions.

This photograph was taken just a fraction of a second after that moment, it is blurry and dark but it represents the fear to negative consequences they felt just because they loved each other and their society put barriers to their love, providing them with a sense of guilt when they release those feelings.

Love. Rijeka, Croatia, 2014

At some point in our lifetime, gay marriage won’t be an issue, and everyone who stood against this civil right will look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping James Hood from entering the University of Alabama because he was black.
— George Clooney

No government, institution or religion has the right to decide who we love. No more fear.


Dutch angle

I can't actually remember how many times I have visited The Netherlands and specifically Amsterdam. With each occasion the city offered me a different view, something new to discover and/or I met an individual that left a mark in my life, for good or for bad.

Among all the times I've been there, this was, without a doubt, the less common city break. I saw the North of Amsterdam, I didn't stay in a Hotel and the main purpose of my travel was not related to photography but music. 

Something has not changed, every time that I go there I want to stay, including this time, maybe one day I'll look back at this post smiling having accomplished that goal.

Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.
— John Green

Digital Festival at Amsterdam


Crafty beer


Portrait of a Dutch man




Amsterdam Pub

My little garden


Mushroom (Not Magic)