15 years. 11th March

On this day 192 people died in the worst terrorist attack in the history of Spain. In my city. In Madrid. it has been 15 years since the atrocity. Every 11th March I feel a mix of sadness and rage when I think about this event. Spain, changed forever. 

My thoughts are with those that died that day but also with those that had to suffer the grievance, they had to suffer the media that invented fake news before this was a thing, and to this date, the very same media continue to lie, feeding rage, hate and uncertainty into the population. 

My thoughts are with those that went to the streets demanding a change, demanding the truth. My thoughts are with those that survived the tragedy, with the first responders and the volunteers that despite everything, offered solidarity to one another. 

The very same day, 15 years ago, I left Spain to move to Ireland, in what has been the most exciting period of my life. 

I keep remembering this day as if it was yesterday, the anxiety in the morning, the sadness in the airport, the excitement in the arrival, the first contact with the city, and then the shock, seeing the news about Spain in a language that I didn’t understand at the time. 

The horror and anxiety, the calls to friends and family, the uncertainty, the sense of everything being part of a dream. 

Then Ireland show me the way to joy and happiness, to friendship and love, to a path that will take me in an incredible journey. Thank you Ireland. 

On this day, I will raise a glass, and I will do so to keep the worst and the best memories of my life alive. 

Nunca más extremismo. Vuestras guerras, nuestros muertos. 11M en la memoria.

Photo Credit:  Manuela Martin .

Photo Credit: Manuela Martin.