Belén Xu: I love the fact that in Aarhus you can see two Rainbows at the same time, that is a very unusual thing to see! Also, it is clear that in Aarhus you can develop new projects, for example we started developing TEDx in Aarhus (which then after TEDxVennelystBlvd ended up in TEDxAarhus) almost 3 years ago. We did our research and discover that there was no such event in a big city like Aarhus. So we started to work on that and soon realized how amazing people is here, I'm still amazed that, when/if you ask for help, people will help you to make your project happen, I think that is exceptional.

HOA: What would you do if you had all the means in the world to do whatever you want?

Belén: I will probably teach people about emotional intelligence, specially to those that are harming the lives of others, also I think I will export the work-life balance policies from Denmark to other places, specially Spain, there is a need to have trust between employee and employer and respect your own personal time.

Anne Nygaard

Anne Nygaard

"I think that politicians should be more human, more authentic, instead of putting on a persona or a certain appearance because that’s what is expected from them. I’d like to think that the biggest difference I have made as Vice Mayor is to be authentic, to show to people that politicians are exactly the same as any other citizens. I know the political climate tells otherwise, specially if you look at global politics. But it is necessary to change this and you can only start by being authentic yourself. I think that’s my biggest accomplishment as Vice Mayor. When I meet people in the city I don’t meet them as Vice Mayor, I meet them as Anne. I’m really proud of that.



I was born and raised in Aarhus. I've never lived outside this city. What i like about Aarhus the most is probably the fact that the town is surrounded by nature, woods, beaches and lakes - its amazing, I love specially the nature surrounding Lake Brabrand). Some people say, that the buildings of Aarhus are boring - but I think that one the charming things about Aarhus is that it still has its old historical buildings. The centre of Aarhus is absolutely amazing and always full of life (even during the winter when is minus 5 degrees!). Diversity is also a big plus in Aarhus.

If i could improve something in Aarhus it would be the house prices. It is difficult to find a house for a reasonable price. I guess that means that Aarhus is desirable.

Next summer I want to finish my final and then I would love to start my next education - a diploma gratuate in management. If i had all the means and resources in the world, I would help "hus forbi" in Aarhus. They do an incredible work with homeless people. I would expand Letbanen so more people could use it. On a more selfish note I would buy a ship, and with the right resources, I would sail around the world and see all the amazing places that are there to see!



I’m from Aarhus, I have lived here my whole life, always around Frederiks Allé, this is my hood! (The interview took place at Juliette). I’m a graphic designer, a photographer and I own my company.

I have a great network in Aarhus, personally and professionally, so this is partially why I haven’t lived somewhere else. I know a lot of people that can help me with the right level of skills and competences and my family is here.  

I’m a business owner at Niloka. After finishing my studies at VIA I started to do bits and pieces, freelancing every now and then. Soon after, I started to get photography bookings from people that I had no connection to! They came as referrals from people that I know, which is truly amazing! At Niloka, I work with individuals and companies, I do all kind of photography projects. I would really enjoy to focus more on becoming family and children photographer, I love how spontaneous kids are, they don't know about rules.

Recently I launched a new company. PetStop, which is a platform that allows people that have pets to connect with people that want to take care of pets as a service. I think the idea came because when I was a kid I used to have a rabbit as a pet, since then I haven’t had the chance to have a pet and I’d really enjoy having a pet for short periods of time. So that’s were the journey started, it hasn't been easy but it has been fun. For this kind of business there are so many things you have to take into account, for example, what if my dog bites someone? who is responsible for that? but also, who would you trust with your dog? Trust is fundamental to trust your pet with anybody, after all, your pet is part of your family. With that said, we have 300+ users in our platform and I think this is great!

At the same time I have a side project which is related to photography, graphic design and posters, you can select places on a map and you will then have a selection of images to print as poster. I just started but feels great when you see people hanging your photographs in their place.

On a personal level I love Aarhus because all my family and friends are still here. People in general move to Aarhus from other parts of Jutland and if you move away from Aarhus you move to Copenhagen, but Copenhagen is not for me. I love the fact that I can ring my closest friends and meet up for coffee within 5 minutes. Also, in Aarhus there is always some sort of exhibition or art event to visit, Aros, Godsbanen, etc. There is always something to do. And as my life is Photography, everything that I experience kind of comes back full circle to that. I believe that Aarhus supports Entrepreneurship and its community of Entrepreneurs, although I rarely have time to attend any events anymore!.

I hope Aarhus keeps growing and it becomes even more international, however I would like to see Aarhus to still be down to earth as it is today and that’s a very difficult balance to keep. Let’s keep growing Aarhus, but let’s keep it cozy and authentic.


Humans of Aarhus (HOA): Where are you from?

Anne (A): I'm from Aarhus but have lived abroad on and off for a few years. I've been back in Aarhus for little over a year now and I’m loving it! 

HOA: What do you like the most about Aarhus?


Anne: I love the lively vibe Aarhus has in spite of its small size. Returning to the city I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it is developing and to see that it's still possible to find places with that “small town community” feeling. This sense of community, the old (and new) bars, Godsbanen, the festivals, easy access to art and nature are all reasons why I love living in Aarhus. 

HOA: What would you improve about Aarhus?:

Anne: I hope that in the future Aarhus will make a point of welcoming refugees and immigrants and lead the way in terms of tolerance and equality. In Denmark, we're lucky that inequality is quite small but I believe that it's important to note that inequality still exists - also in Aarhus. My wish for Aarhus is that everyone will feel welcome here no matter where they are from. I would love to see neighbourhoods such as Gellerup be included a lot more and I think we could come a long way by listening more to each other. 

HOA: What do you want to do in the next few years?

Anne: I just started studying occupational therapy and that will be my focus for a while. 

HOA: If you have all the means and resources in the world, what would you do?

Anne: If I had all the means in the world I would push for education, particularly emotional intelligence. I think a stronger sense of empathy could get us a long way in solving a lot of the problems we're facing today. I would also like to change the way mass media presents news, I'd really like to see an end to biased media.