Everything is a habit

I'm not a writer, specially when it comes to write in English, the words, the vocabulary and the feelings don't come natural to me, the Spanish DNA plays against me I guess.

I have been listening to Akimbo, a podcast by Seth Godin, I won't introduce him, I'll give you the good feeling of:

Rorschach test
  • nod and think "I know whom he is"
  • look him up and subscribe to this podcast.

I've never been a radio or podcast person. I was raised with movies and series, anything goes, from Humphrey Bogart to Indiana Jones and everything in between. Movies and series were a way to escape from a reality that wasn't, to say the least, pleasant, but forgive me for I digress.

This podcast by Seth Godin has opened up a desire to explore recording audio, I don't have time to do that, but the desire is there. Maybe I have a story to tell. Maybe someone likes the story. Maybe someone will be part of that story later on.

I also realized while listening to Seth, that over the past few years I have moved from telling stories, to asking questions. For example, I used to write letters, by hand, old school style, with a pen and a paper. Now my job is to ask questions in a regular basis although I do that also for fun - ask around, they will confirm -.

I used to do that in a regular basis when I was a teenager - I hope they are all lost as our brain is smart enough to let us forget about the content of those things that we write when the hormones are too high and the common sense too low.

I remember drawing, well not really, it was more doodling during classes - I was never a good student, neither I had a lot of good teachers I'm afraid - and I used to doodle things that would resemble a Rorschach test.

Then I stopped drawing and stopped drawing and I discovered photography. But I have told that story before.