Humans of Aarhus (HOA): Where are you from?

Anne (A): I'm from Aarhus but have lived abroad on and off for a few years. I've been back in Aarhus for little over a year now and I’m loving it! 

HOA: What do you like the most about Aarhus?


Anne: I love the lively vibe Aarhus has in spite of its small size. Returning to the city I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it is developing and to see that it's still possible to find places with that “small town community” feeling. This sense of community, the old (and new) bars, Godsbanen, the festivals, easy access to art and nature are all reasons why I love living in Aarhus. 

HOA: What would you improve about Aarhus?:

Anne: I hope that in the future Aarhus will make a point of welcoming refugees and immigrants and lead the way in terms of tolerance and equality. In Denmark, we're lucky that inequality is quite small but I believe that it's important to note that inequality still exists - also in Aarhus. My wish for Aarhus is that everyone will feel welcome here no matter where they are from. I would love to see neighbourhoods such as Gellerup be included a lot more and I think we could come a long way by listening more to each other. 

HOA: What do you want to do in the next few years?

Anne: I just started studying occupational therapy and that will be my focus for a while. 

HOA: If you have all the means and resources in the world, what would you do?

Anne: If I had all the means in the world I would push for education, particularly emotional intelligence. I think a stronger sense of empathy could get us a long way in solving a lot of the problems we're facing today. I would also like to change the way mass media presents news, I'd really like to see an end to biased media.