Pay it forward exhibition - crowdfunding update

Hello friends,

I'm still overwhelmed with the response this initiative has had, I'm humbled by your comments, donations, shares and overall your kindness and support.

Here are some numbers: 

  • 30 people have donated a
  • Total amount raised through the crowdfunding platform 1225 euros,
  • my auntie decided to send me 75 euros by bank transfer :)
  • You made possible to reach a 30% of the goal in just two weeks of campaign, thank you, thank you, thank you!

It has been an incredible experience for me thus far, and it is only starting!

With my initial funds I have ordered some gallery prints that I can't wait to see them, they should arrive some time after easter, I will document my excitement and post it in the blog :)

I also wanted to share with you a small video containing some of the series I have been working on lately. I'm also working on a couple of other series but I wanted to share with you the progress done so far. I hope you enjoy what you see. The music is an instrumental song by Nine Inch Nails from the album Ghosts. 

Thank you for passing by today and thank you for reading this update. I hope you are having a good easter and you have managed to relax, I certainly needed a bit of time off. 

One last favour, I would be forever grateful if you keep sharing this updates with your network. The more people that sees this campaign the more chances this campaign will have to be even more successful. Thanks!

Talk soon!