Notes about Las Vegas

Notes about Las Vegas.

1. It is too dry.
2. It is too hot.
3. It is too cold.
4. It is too expensive.
5. It is built over attrezzo by attrezzo, for attrezzo. 
6, It is a trap if you are a gambler.
7. It is also a trap if you are not a gambler.
8. I saw a latino Elvis in an electrical scooter in the middle of the Strip "singing" love me tender. There goes a myth. 
9. Hotels put new towels every day. Long live eco policies.
10. It is a city built to sale anything and everything.
11. Women are constantly objectified.
12. Men are constantly objectified (less so than women but they are).
13. Customer Service is outstanding and hotels are unreal. 
14. The mountains overseeing the city are worth a visit, pity I didn't have the time to visit.
15. Grand Canyon tours are widely available. Pity I didn't have the time to visit.
16. Casinos are labyrinths.
17. Bellagio fountain is cool. I wonder how the hell they pull such amount of water in a show in the middle of the desert, every 30 minutes. 24/7. Long live eco policies.
18. There is always music somewhere. There is always a party and the scale of the party is always beyond what you can expect. 
19. If you are tired of sitting and gambling, you get a massage and a drink, so you can spend more dollars.
20. There is always a show, whether is a street show or a proper show.

PS: I really had fun. By Odin and Valhalla, I really miss home, my bed and the people that I love. Over and out.